DNA Memorial

We inherit wonderful things from our loved ones.  Crystal blue eyes or a curly head of hair.  Intelligence, athleticism, and so much more.  But we inherit weaknesses as well, including increased risks for hundreds of serious health problems.  DNA is a rich repository of useful, transformative and potentially life saving information for you, current family members and descendants to come.

The value of the DNA Vial is significant; it provides the opportunity to build your family's 'Generational DNA Library'  which is necessary to predict hereditary diseases.  Further, if you choose to store your own DNA, you gain access to 'Personalized' Medicine. This allows health care  providers to completely customize health solutions based on what's going on in your body, at a cellular level.  

It's important to understand that there are many tests possible from the DNA vial.  DNA Memorial's revolutionary technology is capable of extracting the greatest yield of DNA, promoting the ability to test an individual family member's DNA from one generation to the next.  Furthermore, the home banking solution provides indefinite storage at room temperature.

The retrieval of DNA is a simple, non-invasive mouth swab. There is no blood-draw required.

In summary, the DNA Memorial vial can lead to early detection and early treatment, which in turn can potentially save lives or at the very least reduce invasive treatment plans.  There's a whole lot of power in that little vial.  For the first time, you have access to profound medical knowledge.

Option 1: DNA Vial
Client-families have to ability to store the DNA of deceased loved one's and living descendants in order to build their Generational DNA Library.  In order to predict hereditary disease, medical professionals require multiple generations of DNA to analyze and compare gene mutations.  This information leads to the capability of predicting not only IF a family member is a likely to contract a hereditary disease, but approximately WHEN that disease is likely to be triggered.  Furthermore, by saving living descendant's DNA, you gain access to 'Personalized' or 'Precision' Medicine as described above.

Option 2: DNA Vial + Ancestry Report
In addition to the DNA Preservation Vial, client-families receive an ancestry report.  Ancestral composition tells you the proportion of your DNA that comes from each of the 31 different world populations.  These results consider the DNA that you received from all of your ancestors on both sides of your family and where they lived approximately 500 years ago (before ocean-crossing ships and airplanes).

Option 3: DNA Vial + Genetic Predisposition Report
The Genetic Predisposition Test is bundled with the DNA Preservation Vial and the purpose of this molecular genetic test is to ascertain if the person being tested is carrying mutation(s) predisposing you to or causing the specific diseases or conditions covered by the test.  More specifically it covers: 31 disease profiles; including the leading causes of death (heart disease, lung, colorectal, breast and prostate cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes and kidney disease), 53 different categories related to Carrier Status, 12 drug response indications, 17 areas covering Wellness Tests and Traits and finally, 11 categories related to addictions such as alcoholism, heroin, and nicotine to name a few.

Option 4: DNA Vial + Ancestry Report + Genetic Predisposition Report
This option marries together all of the above to provide your family with the most comprehensive collection of DNA preservation and information.

This service can be added to any Pre-Planning package in the checkout steps.

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